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Article 33 - TRANSIT TRAVELER ( V -T)

Will be given to non-migrant person entering or crossing the country to go to another country .


Passage Travel then confirmed by the carrier of passengers.

Article 35 -The Traveller Transit visa is granted for seventy-two ( 72 ) hours , a single entry , unless confirmed the passage indicates that the return to their country of origin , domicile or residence should make transit again in Venezuela in that case , will be awarded two tickets and will be able to remain seventy-two ( 72 ) hours per entry .


Article 40: - The alien who has remained at least one uninterrupted year in the territory of the Republic of Transient Investor Visa (TR -I); Venezuelan Family Transient (TR -FV ); Transient Annuitant (TR -RE ); Transient Domestic Employee (TR- ED ); Religious Transient (TR -REL ) or Transient Labor (TR -L) and corresponding family visa, the Ministry of Interior and Justice, you may be granted , if requested, the status of resident , which will be renewed every five ( 5) years.

Article 41 - The consular sections of embassies and consular posts of the Republic shall not grant collective visas without permission from the Ministry of Interior and Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If family passports will be granted a visa for each member of the family traveler , when traveling with the passport holder .

Article 42 - The consular sections of embassies and consular posts of the Republic may only transfer visa authorizations received from the Ministry of Interior and Justice only within the country where they are accredited , giving notice to the said Ministry.

Article 43 - It is up to the immigration authorities at ports , airports and border posts for entry of people into the country , a passport stamp on the residence time in accordance with this Joint Resolution.

Article 44 - Will retain the right of national immigration authorities not to admit the alien because of subsequent events or circumstances , and some others, the consular date of issuance of the visa or passport.

Article 45 - Where the applicant does not fulfill the requirements for obtaining a visa, the refusal shall be reported to the Ministry of Interior and Justice exposing the causal .

Article 46 - The granting of visas referred to this joint resolution , could be defined by the principle of reciprocity and the provisions contained in it will only be limited by what is established by existing international treaties or that will keep the Republic.

Article 47 - Consular officers and diplomats consular functions are responsible for the visa that authorized signatures .

Article 48 - Joint Resolution No. 072 of the Ministry of Interior and 067 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 28 April 1989 on the Rules of Procedure for the Issuance of Visas is repealed. Regional Joint Resolution No. 498 of the Ministry of Interior and No. 186 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 29 October 1997 on Rules for the Issuance of Visas to Work Passer Foreign Press Correspondents repealing .

Article 49 - This Joint Resolution shall be effective sixty ( 60 ) days following the date of its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Venezuela days.

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